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BPA - Ethics & Psychedelics

"We look forward to speak with those who have already put thought into ethics in the re-emerging psychedelic space. We welcome Daan Keiman, co-founder of the Guild of Guides, an organisation that seeks to professionalize psychedelic sitting services. The Guild has published a Code of Conduct for psychedelic guides:

We also invite Dr John Anderson and Dr Jaazzmina Hussain from the British Psychedelic Association (BPA). They have recently published a groundbreaking and detailed Code of Ethics for practitioners in psychedelic therapy.

Members of NPTM, Guild of Guides and BPA are invited to join the discussion via Zoom (link distributed internally). Others are welcome to join the live webcast, or view the recording later."

- Martin Kufahl, Chairman, Psychedelic Society of Denmark

BPA's Code of Ethics:

We are finding ourselves journeying to a possible new place. Potentiality of new mental (& physical) health treatments, expanded states of mind and elevated creativity, could lead to a paradigm shift in human consciousness and connection.

But, where is the map that will take us there?

An agreed set of principles and ethics must be detailed and robust, able to protect and to stand strong under the most intensive scrutiny.

The BPA have created such a map, a Code of Ethics (CoE).

To read the full document, please link to the PDF here:

"If we achieve our aims with this document, then we will have provided a transparent basis to build a community of professional practitioners, whose common interest is working with non-ordinary or expanded states of consciousness."

To read an interview with two of BPA's board members about the CoE,

please link to the PDF here:


If you are interested in applying to become a General Member

of the BPA (Professional Membership will be available soon),

you can find the forms here.

We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading,

the BPA team 😊


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