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BTA Team 

The BTA director and advisory team is comprised of a diverse group of professional individuals, including: 

 addiction specialists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors, mental health nurses, drug policy experts, human rights activists, philosophers, artists, musicians and historians.

Diane Image.jpeg

Diane Elliott

BTA/ITP Founding Director


Diane received her masters degree in Integrative Consciousness and Mental Wellbeing  from the University of Buckingham. She also graduated with distinction from the Alef Trust with a Professional Certificate in Transpersonal Psychology.

Diane's background is in alternative education and she has founded schools in Los Angeles and Scotland.

Diane studied the Jungian method of Active Imagination with Jungian psychoanalyst Kenneth James and has worked in this capacity with educational institutions, premier football clubs and the US and UK armed forces. She is a trained end of life doula and has worked in cancer support centres and hospices. 

Diane is also a certified NLP therapist, trained by founder Richard Bandler.

She believes Transpersonal Psychology is the new psychology for human potential and wellbeing. 

Mina photo.jpeg

Dr Jaazzmina Hussain

BTA Director 

Jaazzmina is a consultant psychiatrist, specialising in the care of older adults.

Jaazzmina brings to the team, an open and enquiring mind, a joyful heart and the knowledge and skills developed over the last decade of medical training and practice.


Angelika Klosinska

BTA Director 

Angelika is a psychotherapist and a dedicated advocate for holistic well-being and mental health transformation. With a background in psychology and commitment to personal growth, she is devoted to assisting individuals in embarking on their journey toward self-discovery and healing. Through a unique blend of traditional therapy, mindfulness practices, and the potent tools of expanded states of conciseness, both in research and private practice, Angelika strives to create a secure and nurturing space guidance on a transformative path to healing, self-acceptance, and personal empowerment.

Phil colour photo.jpeg

Phil Searing

BTA Director

Phil is mental health nurse, and a musician with King's Gambit.  In his career as a carer spanning 20 years he has worked with all ages from 1 to 101. He believes strongly that everyone should have access to life changing medicines if they so wish and that legislation should be changed to sensibly reflect the mounting evidence within the research base globally, supporting the efficacy and tolerance of psychedelics.

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Mandy Young

Communications Manager 

Mandy is a soul connection healer. Accessing all she has learned from coaching, yoga teaching, and personal spiritual guiding, using various modalities, practicing with a no-nonsense, challenging but gentle attitude. She works with a highly personalised approach and invites clients to access their inner world where their own intuition is their personal guide back to a healing soul connection. 

Mandy runs breathwork sessions in the north of England. She is a Psychedleic Integration Coach, a Transpersonal Practitioner and is currently training to become a Transpersonal and Psychedelic Practitioner. 

BTA International Advisory Team:

Robert photo.png

Robert W. E. Laurie

Strategic Advisor

Robert is an international lawyer, qualified in England at the University of Oxford and is currently president of Ad Lucem Law Corporation in Vancouver. 

Robert serves as a Board Advisor to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Canada and Steve DeAngelo’s Last Prisoner Project.

He is a legal advisor to the Heroic Hearts Project, a founder of the McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy, and a director with the Ecuador Amazon Restoration Project.


Maya Albert 

Strategic Advisor 

Maya is an operations specialist and writer, bringing a thoughtful presence to all of her work and business practices. She has authored a compressive analytical report on the business of psychedelics, and is now co-authoring the book, Our Trip Together. 

She has consulted for, and worked with, a number of other organizations in the space, including the Heroic Hearts Project, Synthesis Institute, and Tabula Rasa Ventures and has co-founded the annual psychedelic conference, Psyched.

PENN UCSF Headshot horizontal.jpg

Andrew Penn, MS, PMHNP

Strategic Advisor 

Andrew is a UC San Francisco trained psychiatric nurse practitioner. He serves as an Associate Clinical Professor in the UCSF School of Nursing and practices at the San Francisco VA where he works with NP residents and students.

He has completed the CIIS, MAPS, and USONA trainings in psychedelic assisted therapy and has worked as a study therapist on a phase 3 MDMA-assisted therapy protocol for PTSD and is

Co-investigator the Usona-sponsored study of psilocybin assisted therapy for major depression.

An internationally invited speaker, he is the co-chair of Sana Symposium and a cofounder of the Organization of Psychedelic and Entheogenic Nurses (, advocating for the perspective of nurses in psychedelic therapy and has published on psychedelic nursing in the American Journal of Nursing and The Journal of Humanistic Psychotherapy.  

Andrew can be found at

Dayna photo.png

Dr Dayna West

Strategic Advisor

Dayna earned her PhD in clinical psychology from Alliant University and it was whilst working as a staff psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry at Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California, that she fully realized how small our tool kit is for helping people heal from traumatic events and illness. In 2019 she earned a Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies & Research from CIIS (the California Institute of Integral Studies). She has also spent time at Synthesis in the Netherlands where she participated in a retreat and was also a retreat assistant.

BTA National Advisory Team:

Jake photo.png

Dr Jake Hawthorn

Jake is a psychiatrist currently working as a specialty doctor in addictions and general adult psychiatry.  He graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2013 before completing his medical foundation training in Greater Manchester. He then worked in psychiatry in New Zealand for a year before applying to start core psychiatry training in South East Scotland in 2017. He passed the Royal College of Psychiatrists membership exams in 2019 and completed core training in 2020.
Jake is hoping to start a clinical research project on psychedelic assisted therapy in Scotland.

Xanthe colour photo.jpeg

Xanthe E. Horner

Xanthe is a multidisciplinary artist, witch and intuitive tarot reader based in East London, UK. Her creative practice perches playfully on the intersection between art-making, visionary experience and mythopoesis. She draws on the archetypes of contemporary culture and historical narratives alike to spin new spells towards collective healing, reversing the hex of disenchantment by reimagining and reinventing the myths we live by. 

Adam colour photo.jpg

Adam Knowles 

Adam is an existential psychotherapist working in London, while researching the Amazonian plant medicine ayahuasca. His Master's research analysed what UK participants in ayahuasca ceremonies make of their experiences. Breaking Convention, Europe’s biggest psychedelics conference, awarded this research a prize in Social Sciences in 2019, and Adam is now continuing this qualitative research for his PhD.

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 10.20.23 AM.png

Dan Lawrence

Dan is professionally registered/accredited with the British Psychoanalytic Council, UKCP

(Jungian/psychoanalytic college), the College of Psychoanalysts, Eurotas and the Confederation of Analytical psychologists.

He has held  NHS roles and undertook further postgraduate trainings allied to increasing clinical responsibility and senior roles. He blended NHS work with consultancy and private practice over many years until transferring to full-time private practice/consultancy in 2016.

His approach is post-Jungian/Transpersonal with a broad appreciation of psychoanalytic thought.  


Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 2.29.09 PM.png

Stefan Batorijs

Stefan is an Ecotherapist, a wanderer and explorer of remote terrains and feelings. He is also a Forest Bathing Teacher, and for 25 years has been an Associate Lecturer at Plymouth University teaching the benefits of wild Nature for recovery on the Clin. Psych. Doctorate. Stefan is passionate about the rights of Nature, reciprocity, and transpersonal experiences in Nature. Recently he has been the Director of Ecotherapy for a Therapeutic Psychedelics Organisation weaving Nature into preparation and integration processes within retreats.

Annette Kaye Photo.jpeg

Annette Kaye

Annette is a transpersonal/psychosynthesis therapist, spiritual director, and giver of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. She is also a ceramic and multi-media artist and occasional writer about the intersection between psychology, spirituality, and creativity. She grew up in South Africa and New Zealand, gravitated to London in young adulthood, and more recently, to the northern countryside of England - further north than she ever imagined she would live! - where she finds the close connection with nature there to be a wonderful gift and teacher. Although long acquainted, in herself and others, with transpersonal and spiritual experiences, her discovery of plant medicines has taken her deeper and more convincingly into an experience of the Divine.

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