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Transpersonal Practitioner


Transpersonal & Psychedelic Practitioner


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The TENSEW Model

Whilst the model might not provide an exhaustive list of all modalities of Transpersonal Experiences, it does provide a clear introduction, which allows for a foundational entry point and real-world application for the field of Transpersonal Psychology.

"I found studying Transpersonal Psychology really beneficial.  From a personal development point of view, learning from the course curriculum and also from other students. I feel I have found a community". 

Transpersonal Practitioner 


This training programme is designed for those people who would like to become more knowledgable about the theory of Transpersonal Psychology. The training will deepen your understanding of expanded consciousness states.

A person who has experienced a shift in conscious state often sees changes in their views on life, death, dreaming, emotions, relationships, and spirituality. This shift results in a search for understanding, which calls for those who work alongside to have acquired a deep philosophical and spiritual understanding of the multiple aspects of the experience.

You will learn about: Consciousness, Mystical Experiences, Spirituality, Religion, Ancient Wisdom, Lucid Dreams, Intuition, and Near-Death/Shared Death Experiences.

This is a stand-alone, year-long course which will lead to professional certification as a Transpersonal Practitioner. 

Duration: 1 year

Dates: Current Programmes are full, next date: September 2023

Location:  Online (Zoom) & in person.

Cost:  £4,800 - BTA members receive a 50% discount: £2,400 (or £200 per month)

You can apply for membership here.

“Transpersonal Psychology works really well (for psychedelic experiences), it works holistically with the whole person”.

- Natasja Pelgrom, Synthesis Institute, Netherlands

Transpersonal & Psychedelic Practitioner  


Level I - Theory

Foundational Psychedelic Theory - Level I

This theoretical module will explore various aspects of psychedelics including: History, Philosophy, Current Research, Ethics, Legalities, Music and Meditation. 

Duration:  1 year 

Dates: Current Programmes are full, next date: September 2023

Location:  Online -Weekly Zoom calls (Thursday 7-9pm)

Cost:          £4,800 - BTA members receive a 50% discount: £2,400 (or £200 per month)

You can apply for membership here.

Level II - Practical 

This level includes 3 retreats to the Netherlands. The first retreat will be in a participation role (undergoing a  psychedelic experience), the second retreat will be in an assisting role, and the third retreat will be in a facilitation role (under supervision - graduation dependent upon experience).  

Netherlands Retreat #1 - Psychedelic Ceremony as a Participant, with pre/post integration.

Dates: TBA
Cost: TBA

Netherlands Retreat #2 (Assistant Role) & #3 (Facilitator Role) Dates: Various - Oct 2022 - September 2023
Cost: Travel/Accommodation/Food (approx. £800).

Eligibility Criteria: 

BTA welcomes applications from professionals working in various areas. For enquires, or to to book a 30 minute call to discuss, please email:

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