A personal voyage...a journey to the transpersonal. 

The British Transpersonal Association presents an opportunity to experience a psilocybin ceremony in a legal retreat setting in the Netherlands.

The retreats are facilitated by Transpersonal Psychology Practitioners.

What is a Transpersonal Psychology Practitioner?

A TP Practitioner has extensive training in their respective therapeutic fields. They have also undergone intensive training in all aspects of Transpersonal Psychology. 


Why is this beneficial in facilitating a psychedelic experience?

TP Practitioners have undertaken the deepest dive into their own views on imagination, spirituality, expansive consciousness, and death. This equips them in understanding the deep dive retreat participants will experience. Every practitioner has also personal experience with psychedelic journeys within a transpersonal framework. 

Next retreat date: 

October 31st - November 4th 2022


for more information, contact:

Taking place at a private retreat centre

in the beautiful Dutch countryside...

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What previous BTA retreat participants have said:


"I loved the writing exercise".


"I loved the yoga and music".


"The retreat was wonderful - lovely venue, fabulous food".


"I enjoyed both our pod meetings and also being with so many like minded people".


"The retreat ‘work’ (breath work and ceremony) was the highlight. Not easy, but absolutely astonishing in power and depth - transformative. And beautifully held and supported".


"The experience enabled me to do work that I have not previously been able to ‘reach’".


"I feel my heart has opened up, I've lost my fear".


"I felt like I heard from my higher self".


"I’m remembering more about my childhood - and getting the answers I need".


"Something in me has shifted…opened up".


"I now know exactly who I am".


"I was so naive as to how powerful the plant medicine is, and its ability to help us heal". 

"The psychedelic session certainly did deliver profound powerful insights, laying the foundations for deep healing, learning and connection - priceless".

Costs: £2,200


  • Food & accommodation.

  • Bus travel from Amsterdam to retreat centre and then return to Schiphol airport. 

  • Psychedelic Ceremony.

  • Retreat integration activities and pod meetings.

  • Pre and post retreat online pod meetings.

  • Post-retreat Transpersonal Psychology integration programme (beginning with weekly sessions for 3 months, followed by monthly sessions for 3 months).


Discounted places are available


If you are able to offer a donation to help a participant who would like to attend a retreat but is unable to meet the costs, we would be very appreciative, please let us know.