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 A personal voyage...a journey to the transpersonal. 

The British Transpersonal Association presents an opportunity to experience a psilocybin ceremony in a legal retreat setting in the Netherlands.

The retreats are facilitated by Transpersonal Psychology Practitioners.

What is a Transpersonal Psychology Practitioner?

A TP Practitioner has extensive training in their respective therapeutic fields. They have also undergone intensive training in all aspects of Transpersonal Psychology. 


Why is this beneficial in facilitating a psychedelic experience?

TP Practitioners have undertaken the deepest dive into their own views on imagination, spirituality, expansive consciousness, and death. This equips them in understanding the deep dive retreat participants will experience. Every practitioner has also personal experience with psychedelic journeys within a transpersonal framework. 


for more information about upcoming retreats, please contact:

What previous BTA retreat participants have said:

Read a full account of a psychedelic retreat from one of our participants here


"I loved the writing exercise".


"I loved the yoga and music".


"The retreat was wonderful - lovely venue, fabulous food".


"I enjoyed both our pod meetings and also being with so many like minded people".


"The retreat ‘work’ (breath work and ceremony) was the highlight. Not easy, but absolutely astonishing in power and depth - transformative. And beautifully held and supported".


"The experience enabled me to do work that I have not previously been able to ‘reach’".


"I feel my heart has opened up, I've lost my fear".


"I felt like I heard from my higher self".


"I’m remembering more about my childhood - and getting the answers I need".


"Something in me has shifted…opened up".


"I now know exactly who I am".


"I was so naive as to how powerful the plant medicine is, and its ability to help us heal". 

"The psychedelic session certainly did deliver profound powerful insights, laying the foundations for deep healing, learning and connection - priceless".

Costs: £1,990


  • Food & accommodation.

  • Psychedelic Ceremony.

  • Retreat integration activities and pod meetings.

  • Pre and post retreat online pod meetings.

  • Post-retreat Transpersonal Psychology integration programme.



  • Personal travel to Amsterdam.

  • Cost of Truffles (about 70 euros).


The Psychedelic Practitioner Certification 

Pre-requisite: Completion of the Transpersonal Practitioner Certification Course.

The Psychedelic Practitioner training is for those who would like to become psychedelic facilitators. The course is based on the seven competencies outlined by Janis Phelps in her paper: Developing Guidelines and Competencies for the Training of Psychedelic Therapists.

Those competencies are: 

Spiritual Intelligence

Empathetic Abiding Presence 

Trust Enhancement 

Spiritual Intelligence 

Knowledge of the Physical and Psychological Effects of Psychedelics 

Therapist Self-Awareness and Ethical Integrity 

Proficiency in Complementary Techniques

Psychedelic Theory - Level I

This programme is for those wishing to train in psychedelic facilitation. You will explore the history and legalities of psychedelics and the competencies for psychedelic facilitation listed above. 

When: July 1st 2025-September 31st 2025

Where: Online, you will receive weekly videos to watch at your own convenience and will engage with other participants in an online community.

There will also be six live meetings every other Thursday from 7-8:30p (UK time).

Cost - £1,200  

Psychedelic Practical - Level II

Level II level includes 3 retreats to the Netherlands. The first retreat will be in a participation role (undergoing a  psychedelic experience), the second retreat will be in an assisting role, and the third retreat will be in a facilitation role (under supervision - graduation dependent upon experience and performance).  Level II should be completed within two years following completion of Level I. 

Netherlands Retreat #1 - Psychedelic Ceremony as a Participant, with pre/post integration.

Dates: Various 
Cost: £1,900

Netherlands Retreat #2 (Assistant Role)

Dates: Various (after theory course graduation and completion of Retreat #1).

Cost: £495 (for accommodation/food - plus travel costs).

Netherlands Retreat #3 (Facilitator, under supervision, Role)

Dates: Various - (after theory course graduation and completion of Retreat #1 and Retreat #2).
Cost:  £495 (for accommodation/food - plus travel costs).

Eligibility Criteria: 

BTA welcomes applications from professionals working in various disciplines. For enquires, or to to book a 30 minute call to discuss, please email:

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