British Transpersonal Association

The BTA is a non-profit organisation, we are passionate about helping to develop a new model for mental wellbeing, creativity and human potential.  

Transpersonal Psychology is an established discipline validated by The British Psychological Society - we believe there are alternative solutions to help people move towards mental wellness. These solutions include exploring expansive conscious states through various modalities.

What do we do?

We train Transpersonal Psychology Practitioners (see training page for more information). 

We offer Transpersonal Psychology as a healing modality - 1:1 or group sessions (contact Diane).

We provide Psychedelic Retreats and Integration Programmes (see retreat page).

We hold public awareness workshops (more info soon, email Diane for locations).

We offer membership for professionals (see membership page).

We provide information about Transpersonal Psychology and Psychedelic Therapy (subscribe to our newsletter).

For more information, contact Diane Elliott:

External events/information:

A Disorder for Everyone 


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